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Conditions of Use


This shop is an online shop where you can buy exclusive pictures & videos in digital form which are provided via download.

After receiving your payment, you get download links in your account on - open all files for 6 days to download. After 6 days, the download links will be automatically closed by the system.

Please note that you have questions about a product before purchase make. After purchasing and downloading the article can no goods returned or back to be, because it's in the digital goods. Not fallen, it is not a return reason. All items are described to the best of our knowledge and belief.

You will receive an invoice with expelled VAT from Germany via email within 7 days of purchase. Please keep in mind that we only send invoices when the operation is complete.


Should again expect a product not to peace, so please contact us. We are trying to find an amicable solution for both sides. Generally is true that digital articles due to your condition not for a return shipment are suitable (see § 312d ABS. 4 Nr. 1, 3. alt.) BGB) and the purchaser therefore no right of withdrawal or return is entitled to.

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